Welcome to my blog. I've had so many of them that I can't remember them all, and the last one was going to be my last. I'd given up on blogging. Again.

Then things happened. In the outside world things went all colours of crazy and in my life things changed too; I reached a long-dreamed of place of personal calm after years of dismantling.

One of the things I want for this part of my life, having been a blogger since 2003, is an online space to call my own. I like to think I don't want it, but I do. So as part of the deal with myself I'm committing to keeping this one. If I don't keep this one, I don't get a shiny new one.

The other part of the deal is that I'm honest here. That I use this space to explore and develop my relationship with healing and creativity.

For most of my adult life I've been involved with alternative and complementary therapies, spiritual development and earthcentric philosophy. I've studied acupressure, shamanism, astrology, Reiki (to Master level), flower remedies, essential oils, meditation, stones and plants. I'm an animist who is deeply aware of the life force in all things, and I believe that force often manifests in us as creativity.

These are things that I've been open about at times but never 100%. I've always ended up running back to my cave to practice in private in case someone thinks I'm a daft old hippie. I've hidden my creative endeavours because I've been afraid they'll be laughed at. Finally I'm old enough not to care what anyone else thinks. The world is in a mess and bringing a positive energy, shining the light we all have within and maybe helping others to do the same, is more important than ever.

Quick bio:

Born and raised in southern England; I've lived all over this island and also in Germany for a short while. I share my home with my partner of 16 years and our daughter who is currently 11 years old. I homeschool her.

We live in a very old cottage on a rural National Trust property in Wiltshire. It was (re)built using the bones, and on the site of, an old watermill that was listed in the Domesday Book almost a thousand years ago. From 5 - 17, and then again later in my 30s, I lived in the village that sits two miles from where we are, so I'm home.

I live with three dogs who all came to me via rescue. Two are Welsh, one ended up in Wales when he was saved from euthanasia but is actually a Wiltshire boy come home. I have been A Dog Person from birth.

I don't align myself with any one healing modality alone; I'm a dabbler, finding my own way and building my own methodology.

I don't eat anything that was once an animal or part of an animal.

Being outside, in nature, is essential to me. I'm an introvert who recharges by being away from human company, surrounded by the elements.

I'm a feminist, for all women.

I have 13 tattoos. And counting.

I am alive, thankful, complicated, and always seeking to be kinder than I was yesterday.

Thank you for reading.